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"The He Cooks recipes and techniques were easy to follow and easy to remember. Other classes I've done have been too complicated to remember and a bit intimidating when it comes time to try the dishes by yourself. I needed skills to help me throw something together for friends that was easy and a bit different and the He Cooks classes have helped me do just that. They were good fun too!"


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The Course

The He Cooks course is based around a core of six food types and after the course you will have practical experience in food preparation, cooking and presentation of these foods. You will have the skills necessary to provide good food, inexpensively, with a minimum of effort. Importantly, we also teach you many of the short cuts that professional chefs use to produce great results quickly - a bonus for guys on the go.

He Cooks also offers students an opportunity to delve into the concepts introduced in the He Cooks Introductory Course in more detail with the He Cooks Single Units. These Units are offered on Saturday lunch and Monday evenings, and are open to any He Cooks student that has completed the He Cooks Introductory Course, or (at a minimum) He Cooks Lesson 1.


Course Components
Lesson Outlines and Recipes
Location of Course
Course Fees
Course Dates
Single Units


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