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Course Components

The course is divided into six sections to cover the main food groups. The He Cooks course is very flexible and if you miss a class, you can make it up at a later date, subject to availability.

Lesson Subject
1 Lesson One

The Course
2 Eggs and dairy
3 Fruit and vegetables
4 Rice and pasta
5 Meat, game and poultry
6 Seafood


Upon completion of the course you will have mastered basic kitchen skills in food preparation, cooking and presentation.

You will be confident and competent in basic culinary skills that you will be encouraged to share.

You will have a basic, practical knowledge of nutrition, healthier eating habits and improved kitchen hygiene awareness.

Techniques and tips are taught that maximize enjoyment and nutrition, whilst minimizing time and effort.

The primary goal of "He Cooks" is to introduce men to the joys and practicalities of cooking.

You will live better and feel better by eating better.


The course provides:

  • Skills necessary to provide good food, quickly, cheaply, with a minimum of effort
  • The course dispels myths of the kitchen, and in a friendly atmosphere scuttles any reluctance to get cooking.


The course produces:

  • Confidence for you to be versatile and creative
  • Short cuts - producing great results quickly
  • A practical appreciation for food

The course includes:

  • Cooking to save money
  • Cooking for health
  • Cooking for weight loss
  • Cooking for vegetarians
  • Seasonal cooking
  • Shopping techniques
  • Using kitchen appliances
  • Safety in the kitchen

Lesson Outlines and Recipes
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