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He Cooks
Traditional gender stereotypes have resulted in many men never experiencing the creative, social and health benefits of cooking for themselves. HE COOKS has been created to introduce men to the joys and practicalities of cooking, through a series of flexible and informal classes.


Save Time.
Save Money.
Build Confidence.
Improve your Health.

Our Approach

At He Cooks, we know that everyone cooks for different reasons - from wanting to impress friends, improve health, save money, or even to get your mind off the stresses of work. Throughout our course, we provide additional advice on topics as diverse as practical nutrition, vegetarian food, cooking with seasonal produce, and effective shopping techniques.



What's In It For Me?

It is our firm belief at He Cooks that by eating better, you'll feel better and live better. Our fully qualified chefs dispel many of the myths of the kitchen by providing up-to-date, factual information about the foods and recipes they demonstrate. You will also learn about safety in the kitchen, from basic knife skills, to the use and care of common kitchen appliances. He Cooks teaches you to cook with a working understanding of health and nutrition, safety, simplicity and efficiency, to make you a confident and competent man in the kitchen.


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