He Cooks Magazine is available now! (click here to download a teaser - 4MB!)

Visit the Sydney Good Food and Wine Show from Friday June 18th - Sunday 20th at the Exihibition Center in Sydney, or order a copy.

The magazine's theme is "Destroying Myths". This issue has a strong emphasis on handy, practical tips for men in the kitchen, and covers topics as diverse as herbs, olive oils, wine, beer, knifes and coffee with input from experts in their respective fields, putting to rest the many urban myths and misconceptions that can surround food and its preparation.

He Cooks Magazine not only covers handy and practical tips for the kitchen, but also encompasses other important aspects in the lives of men who want to take charge of their lives and improve their confidence and well being. For example, in the He Styles section of the magazine, the origin and romance associated with vintage posters is explored.

With a cover price of only $10, He Cooks Magazine is great value, especially as this issue includes vouchers worth over $400 of discounts on Fiji Mineral Water, Tiro soft drinks, The He Cooks Knife Set and He Cooks Lessons. The vouchers include a 50% the He Cooks Introductory Course, which means that it is only $360 for the six week course!

The vouchers are redeemed by going to the special section of the He Cooks website, and faxing the order with the voucher number included.