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"The He Cooks recipes and techniques were easy to follow and easy to remember. Other classes I've done have been too complicated to remember and a bit intimidating when it comes time to try the dishes by yourself. I needed skills to help me throw something together for friends that was easy and a bit different and the He Cooks classes have helped me do just that. They were good fun too!"


Single Unit Outlines, Recipes, Dates & Fees • Single Units Location


Location of Single Units

The He Cooks Single Units are held at:
Sydney Secondary College - Blackwattle Bay Campus
(Formerly Glebe High School)
Taylor St, Glebe

There is plenty of free parking available in Taylor St carpark.

Gregory's Street Directory Reference: Map 11, C9, or Map345, B13


Single Unit Outlines, Recipes, Dates & Fees

Email getcooking@hecooks.com.au


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