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Reviews and Testimonials


"There was a buzz in the room a little like we were on a team and had just won the final."

-Good Living, Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 11th February 2003

"There was only one thing left to do - test the recipes at home. I did just that and home was so pleased it instructed me to pull out the chequebook and go back and finish the course."

-Good Living, Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 11th February 2003

"Thanks a lot for your invitation to sample one of your cooking classes. I attended last night and found the atmosphere relaxed and fun. The teacher, Kai, knows his stuff and has an easy going attitude which immediately puts your students at ease. The recipes, although simple, give the students a sense of achievement, dare I say even pride, and this is a good thing.

"Congratulations for filling a niche market perfectly. I shall put your business up on the Australian Gourmet Pages with a link to your site, so that visitors can enjoy the full benefit of up-to-date information."

- Franz Scheurer, Australian Gourmet Pages

"He Cooks is a new concept educating men with enough basic knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to walk into a kitchen and create a meal with whatever ingredients are on hand."

- Nine To Five, 24th February 2003

"Men have the opportunity to buck all the stereotypes about their lack of kitchen know how, courtesy of a home cooking school for men."

- Southern Courier, 28th January 2003



"My wife gave me the He Cooks course for my birthday. I was OK on the BBQ and an interested but intimidated novice in the kitchen. The 6 nights were fantastic. The watching and discussing of the "how, what and why" of the proposed meal was way better than watching it on TV. Then to immediately prepare it myself, with another student, with any questions answered as they arose was just brilliant. To then sit down to a high class restaurant quality meal (with the added satisfaction that I had helped prepare it) was great value indeed. The accompanying wines and discussion of why they matched so well was the icing on the cake. I have now cooked several of the dishes from the course for guests and can modify recipes without fear or failure (at least not yet!). Great chefs, great teachers, lovely food and wine, good company - if only school had been like this!"

- T.G.S., Haberfield

"You may recall that I said we were having a dinner party this week and that I was going to do some kind of casserole. Well, after all my He Cooks fun, I didn't think that made much sense so I took my life in my hands and made the black mussel risotto as a main course - for six. I'd never done anything more than for two before, but I had checked with Kai on the obvious maths. Although instead of doubling everything from entrée to mains, I just added 50 per cent. That turned out to be plenty. I also knocked up one of your great Caesar salads to go with it. My guests were not only our oldest friends and their eldest daughter and her partner - but serious foodies to boot.

"The result was a triumph. I had them begging for the recipes. I was literally showered with congratulations.

"All in all, a huge confidence booster which I intend to repeat with some other of my favorite He Cooks recipes. So, thanks to He Cooks and especially to our great mentor, Kai."

- K. McG, Kirribilli

"Thank you very much for our Saturday's class. The organization and structure of the classes has certainly been refined and the concept is working well. Ben and I enjoyed ourselves immensely."

- C.H., Stanmore

"Quality time has taken on a new meaning thanks to He Cooks."

- W.T., Stanmore

"I found the course great - I've tried a couple of the dishes and really surprised myself. The mussels risotto was great and I look forward to cooking the more exotic Thai dishes soon - especially the black sticky rice -wow."

- B.G., Coogee



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