Awesome Benefits of Home Fruit Deliveries Hervey Bay

One of the growing eating trends in Hervey Bay is healthy eating choices. Good traditional and healthy eating is what everyone in Hervey Bay craves and not quick diet fads that come and go. Eating more fruits is seen as the best way to counter unhealthy sugar cravings.

Home fruit deliveries, Hervey Bay is the smartest way to forget snacking on unhealthy choices such as pastries, biscuits, and cake. A well-stocked fruit basket delivered right on your doorstep has become a trend what with the pandemic and working at home situations.

Why fruits? Well, nutritional experts have, time and again, advised of the awesome benefits of eating fresh fruits at home and elsewhere. Besides, there is no other more delicious treat for everyone in the home than fresh fruits.

With this said, what are the advantages of having a box of delicious and fresh fruits delivered to your home?

The pandemic lockdowns have encouraged emerging online startups to offer home deliveries of boxes of fresh fruits at any time and all the time. Ordering fresh fruits online has become the norm and the benefits gained by going this route include:

The ultrasonic process used in cleaning fruits

One of the most important considerations to think about is cleaning food products such as fresh fruits. Using chlorine was the standard cleaning process of cleaning fruits in the past. The multiple side-effects such as being carcinogenic and recontamination, to name a few, have made fruit delivery businesses opt for another cleaning method: the ozone method.

Using ozone for cleaning fruits has provided food industries benefits such as:

  • Quicker cleaning action compared to other forms of cleaning agents
  • Quickly reduce odour, organics, and colour in addition to the disinfection process
  • An effective and simple method of cleaning fruits
  • The smaller half-life of the ozone allows it to revert to harmless oxygen

The ultrasonic process of cleaning fruits preserves their shelf life, removes contaminants, and efficiently keeps fruits clean.


Managing time is always important for everyone. Since the traditional method of shopping for fruits is often unviable, saving time and hassle provided by the 24/7 online fruit shopping is always welcomed.

Great payment options

Credit card payment was the only means of online payment allowed in the past. Not so today with the cash-on-delivery and other forms of card payment included in the payment options. The wide range of payment options helps customers choose the payment method convenient for their needs.

The non-confidential information disclosure agreement and the SSL certification ensure that all online transactions are protected and secured.

Availability of free shipping

Fruit delivery services often offer free shipping discounts as a way of attracting new customers. Some delivery services offer minimum requirements for customers to meet to entitle them to free shipping. Completing the minimum requirements is the best way for consumers to avail themselves of free shipping.

Convenience like no other

Having your fruit box delivered right on your doorstep is a convenience like no other. This is especially true when staying home is seen as the best way to avoid getting the COVID 19 virus.

The pandemic has dramatically changed the shopping lifestyle of everyone. While online shopping has been the trend for the past years, its importance today is crucial when it comes to protecting your health. Contact us at Farmgate Express Hervey Bay to know more about our food deliveries.