The benefits of group therapy for mental health treatment


The major reason why people are weary of participating in group therapy is the very idea of sharing your inner most thoughts with a group of people. However, research has proved that group therapy which compromises of about five to fifteen people has a great may benefits. For most participants it can be a rewarding experience. Almost anyone can benefit from group therapy but it’s essential to be in the right group at the right time.

Sessions are generally held twice a week where each session can last anywhere from ninety minutes to about two hours. Not everyone reveals a great deal about themselves, but there is an assuredness that whatever is talked about in the group stays in the group.

The following are some of the benefits group therapy:

  • A person can find a great deal of support in the group hearing that people have been going through similar issues is somewhat heartening. The fact tat someone is facing challenges just the way you are provide a sense of relief. The very thought that if they can overcome the issue so can you.
  • Being in a group helps you make decisions and move on with your life. When you see how other people overcame their problems, whether it was confronting a family member with drug abuse or coming out, things tend to seem easier. Problems which t one time seemed almost impossible to solve now seem to have solutions. Observing how others dealt with their issues gives you the confidence of dealing with it yourself as well.
  • Group therapy can help people come to term with their condition. To accept it as a part of their life. Any obstacles can be faced using simple guidance and technique given by others in the group. It can be a very healing process and one which can actually help someone come out of their turmoil.
  • A group can help people overcome their sense of isolation. Someone who is lonely feels depressed. When they communicate with others it is somewhat of a social interaction. Once you get used to it, you may even find yourself looking forward to the next group session.

Getting the most out of group therapy

  • In order to get the most from group therapy all members should make a pledge to themselves. This helps keep them focused and also provide a sense of direction.
  • Make sure you participate in the discussions. Though not all days are same and you might not feel like talking sometime, but it’s always better to participate. It can help make you feel better. Like sharing your thoughts is actually healthier.
  • Sharing your experience and hearing others share theirs is a great way to communicate your thoughts and feelings. You might feel that hearing about someone’s experience can be pretty meaningful. Similarly someone else would benefit from hearing about your experience.

Look for a trusted group psychologist who facilitates group therapy.